Happy friendship Day 2016 Quotes, Thoughts And Lines

As you all know our happy friendship day 2016 is going to celebrate on the 2nd of August 2016 as it is celebrated on first Sunday of August. First Sunday in august will now become on 2nd so the friendship day will be celebrated on the same day.

In your life, you found lots of friends which are sometime become your loved one and sometime they lost. So for all those, you can celebrate this happy friendship day 2016. You can celebrate it with your current and forever friends or you can also celebrate it for those who have lost while you are busy in your life. You can see some happy Friendship day 2016 Images here.

According to me in a life, I think friend is the only person who can remain with you even after your mistake and at every mistake you can be the only person who should also take serious of his silence. Friendship is the only relation which don’t have any blood include but will remain with you.

Friendship Day Images
Friendship Day Images

Without wasting our time we are starting our happy friendship day 2016 quotes, thoughts And lines -:


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happy friendship day 2016 Quotes

Friendship is the only relation which don’t need any blood relation but it is more strong then any blood relation”

“Friendship and friends are always remains with you while doing anything in your life. Friend takes your all trouble and will always in front of you but in happiness, they always follow you.”

happy friendship day 2016 Quote Images

“Happy Friendship Day 2016 is celebrated for the friends who are your loved one can be celebrated with some quotes, Lines, Messages and thoughts with the enjoyment.”

happy friendship day 2016 Lines Images

“Happy Friendship Day 2016 gives you a chance to celebrate with your dear friends and Friendship band is not like an ordinary band which will not only secure you from various problem but it like a golden thread on your life.”

“Happy friendship day 2016 is not only a day to celebrate but it’s a feeling which connect your friends with your friend’s heart”

You can like these quotes and lines on happy friendship day 2016 for your own wishes to your friends and your loved one who is very near to your heart

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