List of army ranks in India

Indian Army ranks

Indian Army is the third largest in the world. We have the highest number of soldiers in the force. But to manage the highest army of soldiers, we need to have some strategic posts in the army. These people i.e. army official helps the army in the smooth functioning of Army. We will provide you the name in the rank wise order to know about them.

Indian Army Ranks Chart

Indian Army Ranks Chart

Indian Culture is very much influenced by the British. This is also applicable in the case of Indian Army. The titles are used in the Army do acknowledge the army officials . The list is given here:-

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  1. Field marshal: This is honorable rank .Only two army persons have reached there. The name is late Sam Manekshaw and late K M Kariappa.
  2. General: – It is the highest rank presently. It is called the chief of Army. It is a four Star officer
  3. Lieutenant General: – it is the second highest rank in the army He is below general & above major general. He heads up to 60,000 soldiers in the unit.
  4. Major general: Third largest army official. He orders to the brigadiers & brigadier general. 
  5. Brigadier: He is the fourth largest officer of army He is superior to the colonel & major general. He commands up to 3000 troops. He has 3 stars with golden emblem in the uniform. 
  6. Colonel: – He is fifth rank in the army officers. He is the in-charge of the regiment in army. He is the highest field rank he wears two gold stars with gold national emblem.
  7. Lieutenant colonel: – he is above a major & work on the orders of the colonel. He is the sixth highest rank holder in army.
  8. Major: seventh highest rank in Indian Army. HE wears a golden emblem in the uniform. 
  9. Captain: – He holds the eight highest ranks in the army. He is the head of the company of soldiers. He wears three stars in the uniform. 
  10. Lieutenant: The ninth ranked official in the Indian army .He is a junior commissioned officer in the armed forces. He wears two stars in the uniform. 

This is list of the higher official lists of the Army in India. This information can be very helpful for those who are trying to get an officer rank in the Army. We hope this information might be useful for you.

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