Massive increase in Mobile surfing

Improvement in the field of technology was the most remarkable in last few years. This is the improvement in technology which has given the current shape of world today. It was started from the Great invention of Computer and then internet blessed it with a new way of improvement which is still going on and now will never ends.

Increase Mobile surfing

Mobile phone was one of the greatest inventions of the past few years. And continuous growth in the field of cell phones has evolved the world into a new phase of growth. Integration of three major inventions computer, internet and cell phone itself has given the shape of today’s Cell phone. As you know all basic computer jobs are now possible to done through a cell phones due to great improvement in mobile phone sector. Due to internet integration now cell phones has become a walking devise of information. Accessing internet through mobile phones has become very easy now and only due to that reason mobile internet surfing has been doubled during last year.

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People are now more interested in surfing internet through mobiles as it is more comfortable and easy to use, as it is more compatible with internet and easy to carry anywhere no other connecting devices are required and many more benefits are also related to this. So due to these reasons surfing on mobiles has been increased, according to research showing figures of percentage of mobile surfing, shows that mobile surfing was only 4% of total searches on internet through mobile phones last year which now has been increased to reach up to 8.5% this year.

This increasing trend is very remarkable according to SEO point of view; there is no need of so much change in Mobile SEO strategies but the thing which must keep in mind is to develop your sites in such a way that could be operated through mobile phones, which are compatible with mobile phones.


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