Top 10 Jobs After 12th 

Career option after passing 12th

Candidate who are trying to have good job after passing twelth. We are here to tell you about some of the most popular jobs that can be good career options in the economic sense. If you have the right passion & interest in the job then you will able to get a good growth in any career. The basic thing to detect your interest. In which career you have your really interested. Some jobs in all those we have listed here


Before you select your career. You must be aware about yourself so that you can get the real interest of your’s. Do not get any influence from any of your elder or any friend who is suggesting you anything or pursuing anything. But listen to your own inner voice to tackle with this selection.


Jobs After Inter
Jobs After Inter

Best jobs to do after 12th

  1. Media & Communication: this job is basically based on the monitoring of the digital equipment, visual equipment and audio equipment live. You need to take care of equipment of broadcasting, telecasting agencies, and Media houses.
  2. Nurse: By having a six month certification course you can be easily appointed in the hospital as the nurse.
  3. Personal Trainer: Due to the health issues generated & the health awareness, the career of the personal trainer in the gym can be a very cool career option in the market after 12th .
  4. Photographer: being a photographer you can easily work in free lancing business or work in some vies or newspaper.
  5. Real-estate Agent: This job is to keep ace I the purchase or selling of property in the market. You need to arrange customer for the property to the seller of the property.
  6. Event Manager: Good communication skills and marketing skill is needed to do this job. You have to manage the arrangements of the event organized by you.
  7. Fashion Designing: This work includes the creativity in the cloth technology & the latest updates in the clothes & costumes. Mainly it deals with high & low fashion surrounding to us.
  8. Cinematography:-It deals with camera & movie making. You work in the short movies or albums as a cameraman. Movie making is the popular industry in India
  9. Furniture and Interior Design: If you want to work as an interior design. You can have some knowledge of furniture & decoration of house.
  10. Air Hostess: You can become an air hosts. This job will offer you travel scopes & you will be earning a good salary.


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